X P A Y . M E


How to purchase

Initially we only accept payments in XLM tokens through the Stellar network because the majority of the payments we receive are tiny and the fees are conveniently low, also we think this network is one of the easiest to use. We may add more payment options in the future.
All xpay.me IDs must to be activated (making the payment) within 72 hours after the registration, if the payment has not beer received after that timeframe we release the xpay.me ID so anyone can register it. This policy is intended to avoid massive registrations by speculators.
We have made some video guides so you can learn how to send a payment through some of the most popular Stellar Wallets. Learn how to pay for your xpayme ID from the Keybase app.
We have a non-refund policy, once you have paid for a xpay.me ID we are unable to refund your payment, however we offer an option to give back credit in some cases so you can register another xpay.me ID.
We want to incentivize the use of the xpay.me IDs and reduce speculation, for this reason we require the payment of a renovation fee every year, this way we are able to offer valuable IDs that otherwise could be abandoned for years without practical use.
We offer limited warranty of xpay.me IDs, please reffer to the terms and conditions to know more about it. We can't warranty ownership of a xpay.me ID when a third party initiates a dispute over the rights of the xpay.me ID.
We believe our service is very valueble due the intuitive and easy way to use it. We aim to facilitate the transactions in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem by offering our users a short, memorable and usefull way to send and receive cryptocurrencies.
Also we intent to grow a fund to aquire the extraordinary domain "pay.me" so one day you could use the most intuitive crypto address. Imagine sharing your address as: joe@pay.me


Initially we are ofering non-premium xpay.me IDs for only $1 USD (in XLM equivalent), premium IDs have a variable price of registration ranging from $50 USD to the thousands.
All xpay.me IDs (premium and non-premium) has the same renewing price ($5 USD/year), the premium price is only for the registration. Renewing price may vary over time, we will notify you when the expiration time is near so you can renew it.
Not every xpay.me ID has the same value, shorter IDs are easiest to remember, write and read so we charge a premium for those IDs.
We also have reserved xpay.me IDs that match brand and celebrity names and charge a premium fee on them in order to deincentivize speculation and impersonation attempts. If you happen to have the same name as Bill Gates for example you are still be able to register billgates@xpay.me paying the premium fee. If you are a legal representative of a brand or celebrity in our reserved list you can claim the xpay.me ID by concacting: brands@xpay.me.


We give support by email, you can contact us ar: support@xpay.me

Using xpay.me IDs

Your address for the Stellar Network is simple, it is composed by your ID following the termination *xpay.me, if your ID is for example "john" then your address will be john*xpay.me
All the wallets supporting the Stellar Federation protocol will recognize the address and retrive your Stellar address at the moment of the transaction.
For other cryptocurrencies you could use your page url which cointains all the addresses that have been previously defined by you in your control panel.
Your page is located at: xpay.me/username in the above example the ID "john" will have a page with all their cryptocurrency addresses at: xpay.me/john
Currently most of the popular Stellar wallets support the Federation protocol including the Stellar.org Account viewer, Keybase, StellarTerm, Solar wallet and Lobstr among others.
No, there is no limit of transactions that can be made using a xpay.me address.
We are commited to fight speculation and ID reselling but if you have a valid reason to concede your id to another party you could solicite it by contacting our support team at: suppor@xpay.me
You can register as many xpay.me IDs as you want but we don't allow massive registration of xpay.me IDs, if we consider a person is hoarding a considerable number of IDs we may ban him/her and terminate their registered IDs.