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xpay.me is the easiest way to share your public wallet address.

xpay.me simplifies the way you can send and receive crypto using short, memorable adresses.
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Ask your favorite store for their xpay.me address and pay seamlessly your purchases.

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Share your address and receive payments easily without QR codes or long wallet addresses.

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All your crypto wallets in one simple adress, easy memorization, hassle free.

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For non-profit organizations

Free for organizations receiving donations.


For individual usage

Register and use your address the fist year for only $1, this money goes to the fund "Remove X from the equation" so one day our xpay addresses looke like: john@pay.me

From $49.00

For public figures

We are committed to fight speculation, spam and fraud so we are offering "Premium" addresses at special prices starting from $49. This way you don't see Fake Bezos asking for crypto deposits.